Accelerated TMS

Accelerated TMS is a fast-tracked version of standard TMS. Our accelerated TMS treatment plan involves 50 TMS treatments delivered over 5-to-10 days. The amount of treatments daily is individualized to the clients’ care needs.  Accelerated TMS gives clients options to complete treatment within 1-to-2 weeks rather than the 7-to-8 week standard protocol that insurance pays for. Instead of getting 30 to 36 sessions over an 8-week period, as in standard TMS, you get 7-to-10 sessions a day over 5-to-10 days. Accelerated TMS is an alternative for those looking for fast relief from depression, out of town clients, and for those who cannot commit to the standard schedule.  

Accelerated TMS was proven to be as effective as standard TMS in 2018. Both protocols are generally considered safe. Research is still ongoing but some preliminary research shows patients reporting a higher response to the accelerated TMS protocol over the standard TMS protocol. We have chosen to use the Neurostar TMS device because it has the largest clinical data set of any TMS system backing its’ safety and efficacy in treating depression with TMS. 

One of the main differences between the two TMS protocols is that accelerated TMS (5 Days) is not covered by health insurance because it is relatively new, but standard TMS (8 weeks) is covered by health insurance. If you want your insurance carrier to pay for your TMS treatments then standard TMS is the best option to pursue.

River City TMS provides sliding scale self-pay rates for individuals that want to pursue off-label treatment, such as accelerated TMS.
We only provide off-label when we feel there is sufficient evidence-based research and safety data. We have chosen to use the Neurostar Advanced TMS Therapy device for these reasons.

It’s essential to note that the choice between standard and accelerated TMS should be made in consultation with a healthcare provider. Our clinical team can help determine the most appropriate approach based on an individual’s specific needs and circumstances.

Our clinic is conveniently located and has comfortable treatment rooms for watching TV or listening to music. We offer coffee, tea, water, and snacks to enjoy during your treatment. There are restaurants and parks nearby, but you can also rest in our spacious clinic throughout your accelerated TMS treatment. Parking at our clinic is free. Our staff provide a nurturing and accommodating treatment experience so that our patients can get back to living their lives free from depression and associated anxiety. 

How Much Does Accelerated TMS Cost?

Please call our clinic for our all-inclusive rate for accelerated TMS treatment – this includes clinical evaluation,  follow up visits, and 50 sessions. We also offer additional treatments free of charge in the first 6 months post treatment if needed. We will customize treatment to your unique situation. If you have any questions about our TMS protocols or how to pay for TMS please call us for a free telephone consultation at (509) 992-0290 or send us a message through our website. 

TMS Tourism

If you are traveling from out of town, River City TMS will provide advanced planning for your stay with us to receive Accelerated TMS. Our patient care manager is a Spokane native who knows the city very well and can help you with lodging and restaurant recommendations. We will ensure your stay with us is comfortable and supportive.

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